What Clients Say About Us

What Clients Say About Us

Each mesothelioma patient looking for legal representation should find the perfect fit for their case. What entails “the perfect fit,” though?

To us at BCBH Law, the perfect mesothelioma law firm is one that checks all the boxes:

  • A track record of success in attaining suitable compensation
  • Excellent communication and availability to clients
  • Showing compassion and empathy for the victim
  • Reduced stress, work and financial strain for the client

We check all of these boxes, and our past clients agree. We’ve been the perfect fit for many other mesothelioma patients, people from all walks of life who live all throughout the United States. Our team will make time for you, travel to meet you and shoulder the burden of all legal work for your case. Here are just a few testimonials from the many people whom we’ve helped.


"Great reputation for legal services! Craig Bullock has been helping us since my dad passed away from an incurable disease caused by the environment in which he worked for over 50 years. Craig has been very accessible and responsive with accurate, legal information each time we asked."

Claude R.

Spicewood, Texas

"This firm’s level of professionalism and consideration for your personal circumstances has created a favorable formula of respect and care you don’t expect to find when dealing with any law firm. I am able to reach the partner on my mother’s case at any time, and his support staff is especially responsive. Their personal approach has made this process of filing my late father’s mesothelioma case much more manageable than anticipated."

Trixie R.

San Diego, California

"Shortly after my daughter was diagnosed with mesothelioma, the law firm of BCBH Law visited our family and thoroughly explained all our options. The compassion they showed and their proven experience made the decision very easy for us to retain them to represent our daughter and our family. They were constantly available to offer advice, listen and take action with the many issues we faced. The professionalism BCBH Law has shown makes this recommendation very easy. The settlement process is a long road to go down and BCBH Law makes it as painless as possible."

Dennis B.

Olathe, Kansas

"Our experience with the firm of Bullock, Campbell, Bullock & Harris has been completely positive. We have found them to be responsive, knowledgeable and compassionate. Questions have been answered in a timely manner, and we have been notified regularly about progress in the case. I believe Mr. Campbell and staff have conducted extensive research in our case and put every effort into providing the best possible outcome."

Susan H.

Vail, Arizona

"When my father was first diagnosed with mesothelioma, we knew he could file claims against the asbestos companies that made the asbestos he was exposed to, but assumed the process would be difficult and take years. … You cleared up all of our misconceptions about how the legal system works in these cases…"

Deb Y.

Schaumburg, Illinois

"Your advice about the available medical treatments (and) the doctors’ information you provided … have been a godsend. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without your guidance. Thank you again for taking the time you have devoted to me and my husband, but most importantly for the genuine concern you showed."

Jennifer C.

Grand Rapid, Michigan