How We Help Our Clients

How We Help Our Clients

At BCBH Law, we pride ourselves on making our clients the No. 1 priority. With decades of mesothelioma litigation experience, we have put thousands of clients at ease by making the legal process as stress-free as possible.

How do we accomplish this? We have a group of hard-working and compassionate attorneys who stand solely for the interests of asbestos-exposure victims.

Some of BCBH Law’s top payouts for mesothelioma settlements are below.

Former occupation: Pipefitter who worked throughout Louisiana
Age: 81

$6.75 million

Former occupation: Bricklayer who worked throughout Michigan and Illinois
Age: 62

$4.7 million

Former occupation: Construction worker in Massachusetts
Age: 57

$3.95 million

Former occupation: Army veteran, forklift operator and mechanic in New York
Age: 73

$3.45 million

Former occupation: Army veteran and communications worker in New York
Age: 76

$2.9 million

Former occupation: Navy veteran, pipefitter and boiler repair worker in Illinois
Age: 77

$2.77 million

Former occupation: Insulation estimator in Louisiana
Age: 76

$2.55 million

Former occupation: Electrician and construction inspector in New York
Age: 64

$2.1 million

Former occupation: Navy veteran and boiler inspector in Missouri
Age: 84

$1.93 million

Former occupation: Navy veteran machinist mate and union carpenter in New Jersey and New York
Age: 86

$1.93 million

Former occupation: Construction worker in Arkansas
Age: 73

$1.88 million

Former occupation: Operator and insulation contractor in Texas
Age: 68

$1.86 million

Former occupation: Navy veteran electrician in Florida
Age: 70

Former occupation: Second-hand exposure as a child due to father’s construction work in Kansas
Age: 40

$1.63 million

Former occupation: Navy veteran and car mechanic in California
Age: 61

$1.4 million

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Start the Legal Process

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You don’t have to commit to filing a claim today. Completing our free case evaluation will:

  • Put you in contact with an experienced lawyer
  • Provide legal options you otherwise wouldn’t have
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Our Lawyers Handle the Casework

We often hear stories of mesothelioma victims who had to handle the bulk of their case’s work. No patient should have to sacrifice time devoted to their family and medical treatment so they can keep a case moving through the legal system.

Our team handles everything related to the case, from researching the client’s sources of asbestos exposure to determining the best location for filing the lawsuit. We understand that a mesothelioma diagnosis can completely unravel a patient’s everyday life. Therefore, we want to make sure the only thing they are focused on is getting treatment, improving their prognosis and enriching their lives with more time for family and friends.


We Travel to Meet Our Clients

When looking for a national mesothelioma law firm, people may struggle to find an experienced, reputable option close to their home. We at BCBH Law always travel to meet the client because we know how emotionally and physically taxing a lengthy trip is on a mesothelioma patient and their family.

There is also no better way to introduce ourselves, explain our background and start this journey toward financial stability than with a meeting at a place where our clients feel most comfortable.


Our Relationship With the Client Is Important

Our attorneys prioritize the emotional aspect of mesothelioma claims and asbestos lung cancer claims. To do so, we build a relationship with our clients.

We want to be more than just their lawyers; we strive to be their teammates.

That desire is part of what makes us a unique mesothelioma law firm: We have the customer service of a small firm and the experience of a large one.

We are always available to answer our clients’ questions and will always provide feedback and updates during each step of their case process. We care about each client and their families on a personal level while still delivering the professional and superior legal services victims need.


No Money Needed to Hire Us

Many clients are left struggling with mounds of debt due to their disease. They cannot work, must make large payments for treatment and often dip into their savings or retirement funds. How could they be expected to then pay upfront for legal representation?

Coming up with extra money to hire a lawyer can be difficult under these circumstances. Our firm removes financial stress from the equation by working on a contingency basis, which means our lawyers receive money only if their client does.


Mesothelioma Cases Are Our Past, Present and Future

Not all national law firms are dedicated to mesothelioma claims. Sometimes even the largest law firms have minimal experience dealing with mesothelioma litigation.

At BCBH Law, our primary focus has been and will always be mesothelioma.

Our other focus is on asbestos lung cancer cases, which are similar to mesothelioma since both diseases form due to asbestos exposure. In short, our lawyers are experts at handling asbestos-involved claims.